And we're SO excited about it!! Join us...

The Dolce Amante Duo is comprised of flutist Hilary Aubin Amante and classical/acoustic guitarist Noel Amante. Though the duo formed in early 2006, individually they have been performing on their instruments for over 20 years and have been in high demand throughout their musical careers. And yup, you guessed it - they're married.

Though they excel in classical performance, this isn't your average traditional flute and guitar duo. They have been impressing their audiences with the glorious sounds of pop and jazz standards, and love to throw in a little indie, R&B, rock, folk, and country when given the chance. Much of their repertoire has been arranged by the duo themselves to suit a particular style or a certain event, and improvisation plays an important role in all performances. Whether a light jam session is required to fill the silence, or stopping on a dime with such grace and ease as if the piece was meant to end in that moment, the duo ensures a seamless performance. They use all their skill to play exactly what you dreamed of. Their versatility sets them apart from all others, and breaks the mold in every aspect of musicality and service imaginable.

They don't stop at flute and guitar either. If you need piano, vocals, flute duet (or any combination of the above instruments) at your next event, they've got you covered.